YELLOW WIRE CONSULTING (YWC) derives its inspiration from the concept of “Yellow Wire,” which provides a protective path for a successful circuit’s electric current. Likewise, YWC offers to provide strategic advice and support services exclusively to legal organizations that enable them to achieve their business goals.

With a cumulative team experience of more than two decades in the Indian legal industry, we have assisted our clients in developing performing teams, high quality leadership and building organizational development strategies to achieve business objectives.

With a strong track record of improving sustainability; delivering vital insights, advice and execution level support to our clients we have carved a niche for ourselves in building competitiveness and performance capabilities.

We work extensively towards designing and implementing cost effective on-demand solutions in diverse areas, and managing end to end business functions, with an aim to be a catalyst in transforming how the legal industry works. Accordingly, we are involved in all managerial and strategic aspects of organizational management ranging from top level strategies, decisions on mergers, acquisitions, alliances, brand strategies to practice management as well as human resource and knowledge management.

Our approach is aimed at understanding each client’s needs, requirements and goals while keeping in mind the current environment in which the client’s practice operates as well as their internal practices and culture. Our practical, workable strategic solutions are based on the innovative thinking and insights of our industry knowledge. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to protect confidential client information during pre-implementation and post-implementation of processes.