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Jogesh Sharma



Practice Developments, Visibility Enhancement, Human Resource Management, Client Relationship Management, Technological Analysis and Project Implementation, Strategic Alliance
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Jogesh Sharma is a strategic management professional focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities critical to law firm management. With an experience of more than a decade he has assisted legal practitioners and Law Firms in developing strategies and plans for Practice Developments, Strategizing Bespoke Solutions, Human Resource Management including Performance Management, Maximising Operational Efficiency, Client Relationship Management, Revenue Maximization, Knowledge Management, Technological Analysis and Project Implementation. He regularly advises on current best practices, market insights and strategic approaches for developing sustainable profitable environment.

He is actively involved in firms’ strategic expansion including mergers, new offices, alliances and team hires. He also assists firms on re-organisations, profitability analysis and client strategies.

Jogesh has also represented his clients on various Domestic and International Conferences.

Jogesh is a Law Graduate and has done MBA specializing in Law Firm Management from Bradford School of Management, UK.

He is also the only Legal Practice Strategic Consultant having been inducted by Institute of Management Consultants of India. He has also been initiated as President’s Select Member of the Indian Chapter of Leaders Excellence Harvard Square, USA.

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