We have been working with the Yellow wire team for a few months now in relation to HR related matters and some marketing opportunities. It has been a pleasure dealing with them. At this stage of the growth of our firm, they are exactly the kind of set up we need. The team is responsive, accessible and takes due interest in discussions prior to implementing any polices. They are honest, hardworking and flexible. I would go a step forward to say that I have felt and treated them as an extension of our own team and we have not had any instance to rethink that approach. We wish them all the very best.

Talha Salaria
Founder, Lawyers at Work

I have known Sarabjeet as a recruiter for legal professionals for some years now and find her to be extremely diligent, persistent and quick to grasp the requirements of the client with a good understanding of the vast landscape of the legal professional that it is today. Would highly recommend her for her professionalism and effectiveness

Sunila Awasthi
Senior Partner at AZB & Partners

Jogesh has worked extensively with us to develop and implement the Knowledge Management Portal for the company. He has proved invaluable in aiding us through the development of the highly interactive and informative legal IT Platform. The combination of legal knowledge, industry insights and IT acumen have assisted him in developing a unique skill set to deliver bespoke solutions and systems pertaining to Knowledge Automation.

Mukund Thakkar
Sr. Vice President-Legal Zydus Cadila Group

I'd like to take this opportunity of appreciating the immense hard work and sincerity that Jogesh exhibited while working with us on various initiatives. He's most dependable and willing to go that extra yard to make sure there is maximum satisfaction and returns for the client. Would highly recommend him and wish him the best of luck for all future endeavors.

Vaibhav Gaggar
Managing Partner, Gaggar & Partners

I have known Sarabjeet for many years now and she has helped me with recruiting candidates for my team and also helped me with good opportunities for my own recruitment. My experience of working with Sarabjeet has been fabulous. She is very patient and polite in her communications. She devotes sufficient time first to understand the need of a client or a candidate. After understanding the need carefully, she provides customised solutions instead if blindly bombarding one with CVs or opportunities. Particularly for candidates, she is more of a career counsellor besides also being a recruiter. I would very highly recommend the services of Sarabjeet who is one of the senior most in the legal recruitment industry.

Anurag Pareek
Joint Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan

I have worked with Jogesh over the past few years on assignments related to understanding the current position of the Firm and suggesting the way forward to achieve our goals and aspiration. His recommendations and suggestions have always been insightful and actionable. Jogesh’s support has been invaluable while introducing and implementing new systems in the firm and I would fully endorse his excellent interpersonal skills, breadth of knowledge and commercial approach.

Founder of Medha Advisors and former EVP- Group General Counsel, Escorts Ltd; AVP Legal, CS & Internal Auditor, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. Vice President, General Counsel and CS of JCB India Limited

Jogesh has extensively worked with us for over an year across a wide range of consulting assignments. We initially appointed him to assist in talent management, compensation structuring, performance enhancement and productivity mapping. However, we have been sufficiently impressed with his expertise, people handling skills and energy that his role has expanded to include strategic planning, client relationship development, visibility enhancement. He is a very reasonable person and considers constraints when giving business advice. Jogesh is polite, maintains relationship and a wonderful human being as well alongside being a great professional.

Sameer Jain
Founder & Managing Partner – PSL Advocates & Solicitors

I have known Sarabjeet for years now and during this time, I found her to be diligent and committed towards her work. With her polite and professional approach she has able to maintain such a vast network. Besides being reliable source of information she has wealth of experience in legal recruitment which gives her way to deliver in a swift and proficient manner. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours!!

Bhumesh Verma
Managing Partner, Corp Comm Legal

Jogesh is a sincere, painstaking and smart professional. Jogesh’s forte is his deep insights and experience in the field of law firm management particularly in the areas of branding, business development, networking and strategic alliances. Jogesh’s straight forwardness and integrity in client dealings, make us comfortable whilst working with him during his last professional stint. I wish him good luck in his future endeavours.

Puneet Bansal
Managing Partner, Nitya Tax Associates

Jogesh Sharma has been closely associated with me for various assignments related to Human Resource, Brand Building and Practice Development. He has demonstrated an excellent commitment while rendering out-of-the box solutions. He is not only accessible, friendly and result driven, but also has strategic acumen to understand the legal industry. He believes that one need to understand the system in order to solve a problem, and not just focus on immediate issues. He has an exceptional (and unique) ability to handle and manage lawyers ranging from associates till partners.

Srinivas Kotni
Managing Partner, LEXport

Working with Jogesh (being his client) has been a sheer delight. Jogesh is a diligent guy and is very focussed on his work delivery. I deeply appreciate his commitment to client service. Jogesh also demonstrates great inter-personal skills at work. He carries all attributes of a great professional which self-assure him a bright future ahead!

Poonam Harjani
Partner, Nitya Tax Associates

Sarabjeet is extremely diligent. She understands the profile of the candidate before recommending a job opening to the candidate. She helped me with couple of job opportunities and I found her to be very efficient. I will highly recommend her to all job seekers

Puneet Upneja
Hindustan Powerprojects Private Ltd.
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