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Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management is the systematic organisation, storage, examination, and analysis of a law firm’s information assets. It is done to automate activities, improve value, boost efficiency and productivity, and build a centralised platform for knowledge exchange. Knowledge Management systems are essentially subjective in nature, and each law firm reasonably implements a process that is specific to its needs.

Yellow Wire Consulting helps build robust systems of knowledge management through the following mechanisms:

  • Knowledge Audit: We deploy a knowledge audit to review and assess existing knowledge resources, necessary tools, pre-existing gaps, and desired procedures for the adoption of newer mechanisms.

  • Knowledge Processes: We deploy specialized, tailor-made knowledge management processes, to acquire data, convert it into knowledge artifacts, make the converted knowledge largely available within the law firms, and secure the acquired knowledge from leakages.

  • Knowledge Contextualisation: We help law firms not only identify knowledge, and store it but also profusely contextualize knowledge, to automate it in the existing systems, for efficient dissemination.

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