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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a comprehensive client acquisition process that begins with client outreach and ends with converting prospective customers to loyal clients. An efficient lead generation strategy involves identifying every client as a potential lead and curating strategies specific to their conversion. The targeted marketing approach provides a consistent stream of high-quality leads. We deploy a combination of the following strategies:

  • Building an online presence: We help generate leads and attract clients using the law firm’s online presence, such as its website, online directory listing, social media, email listings, newsletters, etc.

  • Reviews and referrals: We help build strong review and referral mechanisms that read positive customer testimonials on the law firm’s website, social media handles, online directories, etc. This strategy not only helps firms monitor individual reviews but also aids in recording all incoming feedback.

  • Increasing brand awareness: Through display advertisements and pay-per-click advertisements (PPC), we help firms remarket and convert potential clients into loyal customers. We recommend the use of tools such as Google Adwords and Google Ads Performance Grader for efficient advertisement mechanisms.

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