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Legal Marketing & Brand Managementg

Legal marketing is a broad concept that includes advertising as well as other methods such as networking, participation in professional organizations, client contacts, and public relations. The creation and maintenance of a brand are the core of legal marketing, while brand building entails investigating potential strategic prospects for legal practice.

We create tailor-made legal marketing strategies, specific to their needs. Some of the approaches include:

  • Personal Branding (increasing the visibility by targeted marketing and advertising mechanisms),

  • Thought leadership (demonstrating expertise in the preferred practice area through knowledge-oriented content),

  • Reputation marketing (promoting a positive brand image online, through client reviews, comments, referrals, and content),

  • Search Engine Optimisation and Landing Pages conversion (leveraging content through setting up Google Business Listing, plugins, target long-tail keywords),

  • Email and LinkedIn newsletters (Identifying what the audience cares about and wants to read, adding a section of successful projects and client feedback to increase credibility), etc.

Brand Management

Yellow Wire Consulting capitalizes on Branding, Marketing, and Business Development strategy by creating and executing cost-effective on-demand solutions in a variety of sectors while managing end-to-end business processes.

  • Building client relationships: We help law firms become client-centric and develop strong client relationships through unique communications strategies and feedback mechanisms.

  • Networking and referrals: We help law firms build reliable networking and referral systems through systematic legal marketing approach.

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